The Environment

Across the globe, big cat habitat is disappearing as forests are razed, humans encroach, and climate change radically alters the environment. Wild cats, as apex predators, play an integral role in ecosystems that have evolved in synchrony for millions of years. Protecting these cats and their habitat maintains that equilibrium, saving countless species by saving just one.

The Community

There is still enough habitat to support healthy wild cat populations. Protecting cats will save entire ecosystems, benefitting both wildlife and people.

The Cats

The cats themselves are at the core of why we work with these incredible animals. Their personalities, physical prowess, and curiosity are just some of the countless variable characteristics that make each species unique and worth protecting.

The cats

The Environment

Many of the environments inhabited by big cats face ongoing threats of deforestation, climate change, and pollution. As keystone species within many of these ecosystems, finding solutions to protect big cats has wide-ranging impacts. To save many, save just one.

what we do

The Community

For millennia, wild cats shared the land with humans who both feared and revered them and learned to co-exist. As we continue to convert land within big cat territory, it is important to share success stories, reporting on strategies that allow people to live with wildlife. From human-cat conflict to robust ecotourism industries, the relationship between big cats and people plays an important role in the lives of cats and their surrounding human communities.

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